Welcome to Aabahran: the Forsaken Lands

Welcome! Thank you for coming!

Aabahran: The Forsaken Lands is a massive multi-player online game. Now, I know that when you hear that, you think WoW. MMORPG's come in different forms, and we like to think that we are leagues apart from games such as Warcraft and it's kin. This little post is intended to help you begin playing Aabahran, the Forsaken Lands, as it can be quite a transition from the more mainstream games!

Let us take a look at the first four steps for you to begin enjoying this excellent online rpg.

1st - Please sign up for a forum account!

Having a forum account here takes time. We want to keep quality players in contact with each other, and we think that we are doing a great job of it! We require an administrator to review each and every sign-up in order to keep this forum clean of nasty robots. That isn't to say that we exclude robots that are genuinely interested in playing this great online rpg game, but we are a little prejudiced because most robots we have met just want to help us make our appendages longer or aid us in buying new drugs. The turn around time for an approved forum account is only a few hours, so while you wait please move on to step two!

2nd - You need to download a free mud client software.

Some very popular clients for windows are Zmud, Mushclient, and GMUD. MAC software includes Atlantis, and GGMUD. Download the free client of your choice and move on to step 3!

3rd - Set up your client!

Setting up your mud client can be a little tricky if you are unfamiliar with it. It is actually pretty simple if you know what to look for, though. All you need to do is find a "connect" or "new connection" button and fire her up. For IP address, input the following : play.theforsakenlands.com and for port : 1848. That is all! Now connect!

4th - The final step is making a character.

You can choose from a host of different selections, and for your first character I would not concern yourself too much with them. Choose whatever it is that floats your boat, and paddle on. You can make as many characters as you would like, and there are no hidden fees here so if you decide you are unhappy with what you have chosen then try again. Some essential things you need to know, however, are the basics of finding help should you need it. By typing in "newb " in to the text box of your client, you will be able to ask questions of anyone who is online globally! Don't worry, we like questions. Also, if you want to contact the staff directly you can type "pray

If you do not want to worry about getting "pked" (player killed) for a time while you get familiar with the game and explore, we recommend to choose an adventurer.

Well, that is it!

This is a very short introduction to how to get started, and by the time you are done reading this, there is a very good chance that your forum account is already approved! Feel free to send me a PM with any questions or comments you might have, otherwise post any questions in the Newbie section and enjoy your stay here! We can't wait for you to become an active part of our growing and thriving community! Don't forget to introduce yourself in the OOC or Newbie areas.


  1. Tracking Systems

    1. Changes Log   (2,256 visits to this link)

      A mostly detailed list of changes to the Forsaken Lands since 2006.

  2. Immortal Interaction

    1. Divine Mandates

      The words of the Administration to the player base. Make sure you pay attention.

    2. Game Plots

      The place where the synopsis (from a 3rd person, usually) of on-going plots (IMM or player-run) are found.

  3. Information

    1. Graveyard

      A place where old, dead characters go when they've made an impact in Aabahran.

    2. Stories

      The place for all of your creative works concerning Aabahran.

    3. Essays

      Basic strategies and tactics to enrich your MUD experience.

    4. PK Logs

      A fan of PK? Here is the place to look at edited logs of combat.

    5. RP Logs

      Want to look at logs of RP? Then this is the section you are looking for.